7 Ways a TMS online provider can reduce your transport costs

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Jumping on board with a TMS online provider for your transport and dispatch needs can have immense benefits. Many in the industry are still using paper-based systems and rarely do they realize the sheer impact that jumping on board with a piece of software can have in many aspects.

TMS Online Software

Many companies are transitioning to TMS online software

The biggest advantage for many in logistics is the cost savings. Whilst there will need to be some investment into a TMS provider, this is often less than your current expenditure.

In this post, we’ll outline the significant savings that investing into a TMS system for their operation.

1. Fewer incidences of missing freight

Losing cartons or pallets is both a frustration and an embarrassment for any operation. Exactly where did the freight go? With some providers such as CartonCloud, you and your customers can track drivers and the status of each order.

2. Reduced phone calls

Not only will your customers now see their order status online, but they are much less likely to place orders over the phone. Most transport systems allow customers to place online orders instantly, which can be invoiced later.

3. No more lost PODs

Before CartonCloud, we previously ran our own transport company in Sydney. An almost-daily frustration we had was lost paperwork, especially Proof of Delivery dockets. With some TMS online providers such as CartonCloud, all documentation can be signed digitally directly on a smart phone.

4. Seemless invoicing

Once your customers have placed orders, then delivered in field, the electronic POD documentation can seamlessly create an invoice instantly. This reduces the previous administrative overhead of manual POD processing.

5. Route optimization

This is a popular feature with our dozens of clients here at CartonCloud. They now can not only track a driver’s location but also create a route for them to stick to. This allows fleet controllers to better optimize mid-afternoon pickups.

6. Photos attached to PODs

One superior benefit is the ability for deliver drivers to attach photos from their smart phone on to a digital Proof of Delivery docket. This is especially helpful in situations where your customers permit safe drop deliveries. For those in cold storage environments, you can even input the exact temperature of goods upon delivery.

7. Enhanced customer service

One often missed element is the improved customer service experience. Your customers can order online, track their order progress, and later sign a digital POD docket on a smart phone. From this, an invoice showcases the exact charges, with clear evidence of each connote and delivery.

Next steps

Choosing to transition online with a transport management system is a smart move for many in the industry. It’s even wiser to use a company that has genuine experience in the industry, one who understands the challenges and has found a workable solution.

We’re now trusted by thousands of users across Australia and New Zealand. Get in touch with us today here at CartonCloud, as we may be the ideal match to help reduce your overheads and frustrations through our reliable solution.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Nov 18, 2019
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today