Delivery signature app: 8 epic features to expect

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Using a delivery signature app so you can move into digital proof of deliveries is one smart move! But many aren’t aware of the many features that you might find in an otherwise simple looking piece of software.

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Delivery signature app features

We’ve built one of Australia’s best apps for digital PODs, with drivers merely needing an ordinary sub $400 iOS or Android device. If you’re looking in the market, then ask some of our competitors if they have these 9 cool features.

1. Own company branding

To be presented professionally, you should be able to overlay your branding and logo on to the proof of delivery. This is a brand touch-point, and whilst small, shows you’re serious about your presentation.

2. Photos of freight

Imagine your driver has delivered freight that looks perfectly fine, only for you to get a phone call that it’s damaged. With CartonCloud, you drivers can take photos at each delivery point and attach them to the electronic POD.

3. Instant updates

Imagine your accounting team seeing the very moment when a POD has been signed from their computer, because the app is connected to the internet. Owner-drivers can simply head off home after the daily run if there are no pickups!

4. Simple to use

Some of Australia’s biggest freight companies use technical PDA devices that are sometimes hard to learn and expensive to replace. CartonCloud’s simple user interface has been praised by thousands of users for big buttons, easy-to-read text and for simply being easy to learn.

5. Driver tracking

Whilst no one wants to be big brother and spy on their drivers, there are just situations where you don’t want to pick up the phone whilst they’re driving. Ask any software provider if they can track driver whereabouts and just how accurate that tracking is.

6. Custom POD inputs

Imagine paper-based PODs where it’s merely a name and signature with no other information that could save your backside later. With CartonCloud, you can input custom fields such as freight temperature that customers have to nominate before signing.

7. Route optimization

Fleet schedulers can nominate a route for the day to better coordinate afternoon pickups. At the same time, drivers should have the ability to optimise their own routes which can be saved in the application. This especially helpful for those who want to take time off allowing those generally do other delivery zones to get straight into the hot seat.

8. Cloud-based, not old school

Using cloud-based technology is revolutionizing the warehousing and logistics industry. This is because you can send information at your fingertips, and even when signal might be temporarily poor, most users can still continue operating with uploads/downloads happening at the earliest convenience.

Let’s help you out

It’s clear that you should be looking for much more than just simply an everyday delivery signature app, because there is a plethora of features and customization available.

We’ve just scratched the surface actually! Get in touch with CartonCloud today as we’d love to show you more.

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