Did you know that you can keep things low-cost by using an iOS barcode scanning app in a warehouse? Paired with the right software, this can help you automate numerous tasks, thereby reducing paperwork and mis-picks.

iOS Barcode Scanner
Using an iOS scanning app in warehousing

A few years ago we created one of Australia and New Zealand’s best warehousing applications. This entire system can be used on both iOS and Android devices, eliminating for most operations the expensive outlay of PDA devices. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how warehouse putaway teams and pick/packers can use these applications to maximize efficiency.

Pair your devices with bluetooth scanners

Whilst there are iOS scanning apps that use the iPhone camera, it’s not always ideal for warehousing environments. Low light, especially in lower racks, is a cause for delayed scanning times. Even the 3 to 4 seconds it takes to scan a barcode, when added up over an entire day of picking or putaway, can really add up.

You can purchase a wireless bluetooth scanner that can be stuck on the rear of an iPhone with a 3M velcro strip. This means the bluetooth scanner can be charged separately from the phone.

One of the biggest benefits of a high quality laser scanner is the ability scan in low-light conditions and even up to 1 metre away. This level of performance is impossible with an iPhone camera.

Our recommendation is a professional laser scanner like those offered by OPN, Motorola and Zebra. Battery times and reliability are far superior with these brand names than what is typically found on eBay.

Focus on the streamlining inventory

Your inventory really needs to be barcoded if it hasn’t been already. Alternatively, you can use barcodes on racking in the case of bulk storage. You’ll also will want your racking to be properly labelled.

Next, we need to scan into a piece of software, so our data can be interpreted. We would recommend a cloud-based solution. This way your data can be accessed anywhere on the go, with updates syncronizing in seconds.

Your data needs to have some attributes such as:

BIN location(s) for the units

EAN and UPC codes if applicable

The most common name of the product

Number of inventory in stock at this location

Most applications will showcase to iOS users this basic information. CartonCloud goes beyond this through showcasing putaway time and date, number of units on order and even expiry dates.

Look beyond just the warehouse

An iOS application can sometimes extend beyond the warehouse. Many transport companies across Australia and New Zealand are embracing technology for their drivers. The right warehousing software should integrate with a logistics solution.

In the case of CartonCloud, drivers can get digital delivery docks signed in field. Not only that, but you can track your entire fleet location, better allocate your drivers and reduce expenses and waiting time….all from an iOS scanning app!

Getting started

We’d love to help you get started with a robust and reliable solution that can be run right off a common smart phone. Get in touch with us here at CartonCloud today, as with thousands of users, we’re leading the way with both our warehousing and logistics solution.


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