How warehouse distribution software can revolutionize your operation

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Many decision makers in the industry are beginning to wake up to the immense benefits of running with a warehouse distribution software package.

For many already on board, it has absolutely revolutionized the way they do business.

Warehouse distribution software

Warehouse distribution software has many upsides

What generally holds back many owners is the time to adapt and the investment into a software package. In this article, we’ll be outlining 3 ways in which moving towards a digital solution can revolutionize their workplaces. From this, we hope the benefits far outweigh the perceived downsides.

Enhanced stock management

This is easily the best benefit that immediately comes to mind. If you’re becoming overwhelmed with stock management issues, then software to better manage your inventory storage can remove a significant amount of headaches.

With CartonCloud at least, you can allocate inventory automatically to particular BIN locations. Further still, you can see the time, date and number of units/pallets which have been put away in the racks or shelves.

When it comes time for picking, you can speed up the picking process through allocating staff to do batch or wave picking with ease. Supervisors, dispatch teams and even fleet controllers can see current order statuses with no need to out in the field and speak to any team members.

Then we have the icing on the cake - you can run this entire system off an Android or iOS device. There is no requirement for the additional outlay to purchase expensive PDA devices. Even your existing computer systems can run our software.

Reduced (or eliminated) paperwork

We ran a transport and 3PL operation for several years successfully before launching CartonCloud. One key frustration we had was the massive amount of paperwork simply to get stock from point A to point B, which would sometimes get lost.

Given that software can perform many functions, you can vastly reduce or even eliminate your paperwork. From pick lists to connotes and customer invoices (online or printed), CartonCloud can keep your data in one prime location. Best part - it ain't going to get lost!

Streamlined pricing

There is nothing worse than undercharging or overcharging customers. With CartonCloud, you can create set rates for all types of inventory, allowing you to better manage cashflow and avoid revenue leakage.

Pallets can be set at a rate, or discounted for large clients who store a lot of volume. Cartons can also be separated into separate classes, based on weight and size dimensions.

Further still you can charge based in each touch point. From receiving, sorting, counting, put away and then long-term storage. Then when it comes time to dispatch, you can charge individually for picking, packaging and even delivery, since CartonCloud integrates with our own transport management solution.

Let us help you get started

With real-world industry experience, CartonCloud is leading the way across Australia and New Zealand with our own warehouse distribution solution. Our software has immense features, continues to improve each month and with an Australian-backed development and support team.

Get in touch with us today and schedule a free demonstration.

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Streamline your logistics operations today