The Logistics People

Over the past 36 months podcasts have been skyrocketing as a medium to communicate to an audience about a specific industry.

Podcasts are great on those morning commutes or if you're a professional driver and wanting to be informed about a topic that interests you.

Unlike radio where you get what you're given with a ton of ads and the occasional crappy song that makes you skip the station. Podcasts are tailored to your personal preference giving you the control of the content you want to consume.

We had feedback from logistics operators and drivers wanting to know if we had a podcast about logistics?  Which we didn't...


700x400 Blog - Logistics People


Until now, inline with the CartonCloud values, we're keeping it simple and we'll be releasing short episodes to begin with ranging from 15-30 min's with one episode each month. We'll have one of our team members having a casual chat with one of our clients.

Learning about how they got into the industry, the trends they've seen since starting in the industry and what they think the future of logisitics will look like? We might even be lucky for them to give us some insight about how they run their operation!

If the demand grows and listeners request more frequent episodes than we can adapt. We'd appreciate any feedback, whether there is a certain topic you want to hear about or if you want to jump on one of the episodes and have a chat, let us know at

You can see our first interview here with Ryan the Operations Manager from Chill Brisbane. Each month we will upload a video of the interview onto YouTube plus the audio version to all major podcast directories for all the podcast listeners.

Listen to our first episode below.



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