North Pole x CartonCloud case study 2023

The North Pole Warehouse Elves need some help! We've been helping the North Pole warehouse to optimize their processes, simplify Santa's list, and streamline their important deliveries for a few years now. Each year, the elves send through a little message to let us know how things are going. 

One thing we continuously hear from our CartonCloud customers is how much they love our team. From the expert advice and helpful tips on the very first demo call, to the supportive onboarding, and ongoing customer service. We know life can throw some curve balls sometimes, and it can happen to anyone.

The elves took Santa’s workshop paperless with CartonCloud to save time, and give Santa and Mrs Claus a chance to take a well-earned holiday. Last year, the elves needed to fast-track their delivery planning, because the reindeer fell asleep! They used wave picking for the fastest way to work through the list, and then reverse-loaded Santa's sleigh for easier deliveries! 

This year, the elves found themselves in a sticky situation, needing a bit of help to get back on track in time for their midnight delivery! 

Hi CC team!

Thanks for your help, we made it in just time. We've packed up the sleigh, Rudolph is on his way, and all is quiet again in the North Pole warehouse. Not too quiet though, we think we might have a few ideas on how to celebrate another successful year! 

Happy holidays, from all the elves and reindeer fleet! ❄️☃️

The elves indeed had some great tips to help get through the busy season! They kept their inventory current in their CartonCloud WMS, and used the mobile app to locate and confirm stock as they packed for the orders. 

What's more, this year they could even assign packers to different orders, to avoid confusion and help spread out the work. 

☁️ Cloud-based inventory management 

Keep you inventory records easy to access, and up to date like the elves do! CartonCloud's intuitive, cloud-based WMS mobile app is designed specifically for logistics businesses on the move, and fits seamlessly into your existing workflows, meaning you can use the system to track stock movement, orders, inventory locations, picking status, and dispatch with ease. 

📲 Assigned picking from the mobile app  

We've made it easier to manage large orders... like a global "Nice List"! Now, you can allocate pickers to order on the mobile app, allowing you to coordinate multiple orders at once, and view up-to-date status. Pickers can filter work assigned to them, start unassigned work, and even take over tasks assigned to others should they need to.

⛷️ Route optimization 

Expectations for delivery timeframes are getting tight.. and for the North Pole Reindeer Fleet, 'next day delivery' is a once-a-year marathon to achieve. Lucky for them, with CartonCloud they can allocate a preferred start or end location, and optimize their delivery for the fastest route!


Happy holidays, from CartonCloud!  

Whether you’re taking some well-earned time off or working through to keep communities moving — wishing you a happy December, from the team at CartonCloud.

*Disclaimer, while this case study is only as real as our holiday diet, the features are all real, and ready to help you get the most from your business. 📦💥


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