The use of warehouse management software is revolutionizing the industry in Australia at present. This is because many managers have realized the underlying cost of picking errors, missing inventory and manual data entry.

warehouse management software
Advantages of warehouse management software

There are many ways to reap the benefits of using an application to best manage your inventory storage and movements. In this guide, we’ll be outlining 5 ways that everyday operations can benefit from moving into the digital age.

1. Silent phone lines

Imagine for a moment that your volume of in-bound calls is reduced 80 to 90%, leaving your office team to get on with their other tasks. Your own customers can now place orders online, view stock levels and even get order notifications. That equals a much quieter phone line and office environment for both parties.

2. Invoices that send themselves

Imagine that once your staff complete jobs, invoices can be automatically calculated and sent via email based on your set rates. No more awkward discussions in the office about rate calculation where customers are overcharged or undercharged. You can input rates for pallet or carton storage, picking and packing, plus discount rates for your premium clients who move high volumes.

3. Affordable and accurate picking

You can greatly reduce pick errors but also maximize your picking speed through a cloud-based warehouse management software. But how so? Using an everyday iOS or Android smart phone paired with a barcode laser scanner in the field. Gone are the days of expensive PDA devices with complicated buttons and jargon that required a university graduate to figure out.

4. Full current and historical reporting

Need to know seasonal trends about a particular SKU? You can easily view stock reports since the very first day that you’ve had a warehousing and inventory management software in place. Not only that, but you can view current information including, inbound time and date, which team received it, batch numbers and expiry dates.

5. Multi-warehouse capabilities

Some of the best warehousing systems can handle operators who have bases across multiple warehouses. Whether across the state, across the country or even across the world. Users such as your own staff or clients can have visibility and control across multiple depots, with varying degrees of user permissions. 

6. Owners who sleep at night

We believe this is the biggest benefit. You’ve built a business to have greater time-freedom, only to realize the many tasks that come with running a successful warehouse. Staying up late at night because you’re processing invoices and paper POD forms isn’t the freedom that most signed up for. Owners typically sleep much better at night with a warehousing system to manage their operations.

Making a start today

We’ve built CartonCloud up as one of Australia’s premier electronic stock management providers with thousands of users. Best of all, we started with our own 3PL operation, allowing us to have several years of industry experience. Even today we’re very much still in touch with the industry.

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