Rangeview Transport - COVID

The world has been in a state of chaos since the beginning of the year, from people hoarding toilet paper and pasta, to Zoom bombing by an AI created Elon Musk. One thing is for certain, the impact of COVID-19 has thoroughly stress-tested supply chains globally.

At CartonCloud, we’ve been extraordinarily lucky to have our logistics software classified as an ‘essential service’. We've been supporting our clients through these unprecedented times, doing our level best to help the last mile of the supply chain wherever possible, as countries around the globe moved into a state of emergency.

Having over 200 clients using our software we’ve witnessed first-hand volumes in the last mile of the supply chain. We’ve seen massive shifts from B2B to D2C across multiple market sectors. These radical supply chain changes have been brought about due to the effects of the lockdown, with more people at home and the shutdown of physical stores.

Furthermore, lockdowns have significantly affected the ecommerce industry, as online sales have skyrocketed. We’ve also seen home food deliveries, alcohol to the door and DIY projects like landscaping and home decorating products grow by over 50%.

One such example is one of our Victorian based clients Rangeview Transport who specialize in delivering horticulture products, like seedlings, plants and trees from nurseries to retail outlets. CartonCloud put together a case study about Rangeview Transport’s journey last year, which can be viewed here on the CartonCloud website.

Whilst in lockdown, Rangeview Transport grew a massive 50% in April this year compared to 2019. They were so busy they even had office staff out on the docks helping the ops team load and unload goods as they had their busiest week in their 20 year history.

With CartonCloud as their transport management system, Rangeview Transport have the tools to ramp up business without revenue falling through the cracks, all the while having full visibility of consignments statuses which gives operators confidence they don’t miss any charges.

It’s common in a traditional logistics company to lose 3% or greater revenue through lost paperwork and missed charges. When you start scaling up and increasing volumes the challenges of paper-based errors compound and squeeze already tight margins, making it more essential than ever to consider a suitable software to support your needs.

If you’re in the logistics industry and you have experienced these problems during the recent lockdown, reach out to our team today and see if our software will suit your operational needs. You won’t regret it.



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