New Feature Quarterly Update — our top Q4 2023 highlights!

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Get ready to launch into the new year with the hottest new features from CartonCloud! 🚀 It's been a huge year for new features and updates across the CartonCloud WMS and TMS!

Who could forget the mega release of our new end-to-end Mobile App workflows for picking, serial handling, and pallet handling? The massive updates in November completely shifted the picking/packing mobile experience in CartonCloud, provided more clarity and oversight of serial number handling, and provided new and enhanced functionality for handling pallets throughout the system.

Check out these and many more feature updates from the last three months here.

We asked our team to pick their top features from the quarter to bring you CartonCloud's Favourite Feature Releases from Q4 2023, and here they are!

  • 📦 New Picking 2.0 Mode on Mobile App
  • 📲 End-to-End Unique Reference (Serial) Handling
  • 👐 End-to-End Pallet Handling
  • 🚚 Fuel Levy History
  • 💸 New Report - Bulk Export Charges
  • 🔎 Clearer error statuses in the Parsing Log

📦 New Picking 2.0 Mode on Mobile App

With the release of Picking 2.0 on the CartonCloud Mobile App, we have made HUGE improvements to the picking/packing mobile experience and introduced several new exciting features.
What's changed? We completely revamped the UI, with major improvements to all screens, notably the quantity confirmation screen, in which we now allow pickers to view and pick in non-base quantities (ie: being told to pick 4 cartons rather than 80 units).

Additionally, to speed up the process in some circumstances, we now group some line items together when the same product is being picked from the same location.

We also introduced the ability for pickers to see what orders have been allocated to them, and added the ability to Reallocate (Stock Substitution) which allows pickers to pick stock from an alternative location/pallet.

How does it work?  Check out our suite of helpful video tutorials here, to explore how to get the most from each enhancement!

Or visit the CartonCloud Help pages on Picking 2.0 and Reallocation for more information.

📲 End-to-End Unique Reference (Serial) Handling

As part of the mega new Mobile App enhancements released in November, this release gives you more control, oversight, and flexibility when dealing with Unique Reference (Serial) Codes.

How does it work? With this new feature, you can quickly scan serials when stock arrives, easily keep track of which serials are in inventory, and use seamless barcode scanning to verify the serial being shipped. Moreover, you can also use reallocation to ship a different serial number than the one allocated to the order, saving a ton of time trying to find the specific serial number assigned. Visit the CartonCloud Help pages on Purchase Order (inbound) unique reference scanning and Reallocation for more information.

Or check out these helpful video tutorials for simple, step-by-step guides on how to use this feature throughout your warehouse operations.  

👐 End-to-End Pallet Handling Revamp

With this new feature release, we’ve completely revamped the way pallets (and pallet barcodes) are handled within the CartonCloud WMS.  

What's changed?  You can now pre-print pallet labels in bulk and then assign stock to the labels, making it easier to use them when moving stock in and out of single pallet locations, when picking, or with reallocation.

What's more, we've also simplified pallet charging rules to give you more flexibility in your storage charges. You can now charge Single Pallet warehouse locations based on the number of pallets they contain (previously single pallet locations would only ever be charged for one pallet).

Did you know? Pallet labels are also far more versatile than the POP labels you may be used to seeing, so we encourage you to give pallet labels a try and see the difference!

For more information, visit the CartonCloud Help article on Pallet Handling, or check out these video guides below!

🚚 Fuel Levy History

Released in November 2023, our new fuel levy update to the CartonCloud TMS, you can now easily see the history of who updated the base fuel levy, the price set, and when the change was made.

What's changed?  This update includes several design and reporting amendments, to provide greater clarity, including;

  • Each row shows a record with active status, start and end dates where applicable, and the fuel levy percentage.
  • For new changes, the 'Modified Date' and 'User' fields are populated, indicating who made the change and when.
  • Existing entries without a 'Modified Date' or 'User' are historical and predate this feature update.

This makes it far easier to keep on top of any changes made to fuel levies over time or to quickly figure out what fuel levy was being applied in the past. To find out more about this update, visit the Fuel Levy page on CartonCloud Help.

💸 New Report - Bulk Export Charges

Released in October 2023, the new Bulk Export Charge Reporting release gives you the ability to perform a more granular analysis of your charges, for clearer financial oversight.

What's changed? A new report called “Bulk Export Charges” has been added to the Reports menu which allows you to export all calculated charges from the system (Transport & Warehousing). This enables you to better analyse and understand your business income.

For more information check out the video above, or visit the CartonCloud Help Bulk Export Charge Report page.

"The Bulk Export Charges report is a massive win for us, being able to export an itemised list of charges nationally has greatly assisted commercial development, rate analysis and internal investigations. The report has already saves us hours of work and will continue to do so, we're very grateful to Shaun and the team for putting this together!"

Jay Cilento— 3PL Systems and Integrations Lead, Bulk Group

🔎 Clearer error statuses in the Parsing Log

Also released in October 2023, this enhancement to the Parsing Log feature provides greater insight into parser status updates, a valuable source of import information to advanced WMS & TMS administrators.

What's changed?  CartonCloud users using the Parsing Log feature can now access greater clarity on what happened within the import process by adding two new statuses, “Success with Warnings” and “Success with Errors”.

  • ✅⚠️ (Success with warnings)
  • ✅❌ (Success with errors)

Previously the parsing log would display status as either succeed (matched a parser and were processed), or fail (failed to match a parser). The new statute options introduced with this update give greater information, to highlight when parsers may have been processed successfully, but have still encountered issues of some kind — to assist in faster troubleshooting and amends.

For more information, check out the video above or visit the CartonCloud Help Parsing Log page here.

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Streamline your logistics operations today
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