Why a TMS software should integrate with your warehouse

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A transport management system (often called a TMS) is often separate to a warehouse system, but they can integrate together. Not only that…they should integrate together! After all, these teams in both fields are very inter-related and cross paths often.

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TMS and Warehouse as one system

TMS software helps fleet schedulers and drivers better coordinate the logistics side of an operation. At the same time, warehousing software helps pickers, packers and dispatch staff to move inventory out of racks on to vehicles.

Enhanced workflow from WMS to TMS

Having your TMS for your warehouse as one package is only going to enhance your workflow. There will be little need to perform complex integrations that could cause bandwidth issues and slow down an operation.

Managers can see progress of warehousing staff plus drivers in the field, all within one portal. Even those on the ground, such as forklift drivers, can see driver locations, allowing them to start picking once drivers start their way back to the depot.

Technology has allowed us to now accomplish this on the one smart phone app, with connectivity for both iOS and Android. Some providers can layer even your company logo and branding over the application for that professional edge over your competitors.

Greater affordability

Instead of paying for two separate software packages, you’re paying for just one. Further more, if you choose a cloud-based provider such as ourselves here at CartonCloud, you can accomplish most daily activities through using a normal everyday smart phone.

Often the cost of a software package outperforms the current cost of operational inefficiency. This includes revenue leakage because of under-pricing, missing freight in a warehouse or in transit, or best of all, helps management staff better identify bottlenecks.

Many operations do find the immense value that cloud-based software providers after just a few weeks of use.

Application integration

We’ve established why a transport management system and a warehouse management system should just be one core system, but did you know that you can integrate via a secure API into everyday applications? These include Xero and Shopify.

The best on the market have full integration into EDI’s or even the basics of excel exports. With most providers, you can even integrate with your own client’s systems for better transparency and reduce manual expenditure.

Through integrating seamlessly between your commonly used applications, you can reduce your staff workload and operational expenditure.

Getting started today

CartonCloud has built one of the best TMS and warehousing system applications. Not only that, we have genuine industry experience unlike many other options in the market.

We know the challenges that the industry faces, so we built a rock-solid solution.

Give us a call today! Our very friendly, locally experienced and value-driven team will be in touch to find out more about your operational needs.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Feb 10, 2020
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today