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Want barcode scanning to be fast, simple, and accurate? Take a look at how you can boost accuracy across your warehouse and transport operations with barcode scan for iPhone and Android, using the CartonCloud mobile app.

Barcode scanning from iPhone and Android smartphones gives you greater accuracy, automated data entry and tracking as workflows are completed, and greater oversight of your operations by simply using the tools and resources you have on hand. 

We’ve made our mobile WMS and TMS apps easy-to-use, with user-centric design and features that simplify complex logistics tasks. Today we’re looking at how to use the CartonCloud barcode scanner feature for iPhone and Android. That means you can get started with your own smartphone, and easily train your team in minutes, not days! 

You can use the CartonCloud barcode scanner on iPhone and android for accuracy and ease in a range of workflows, including order pick and pack, inventory put away, moving stock, receiving consignments with electronic signature, cross-docking and much more! 

Want to try for yourself? Download the CartonCloud iPhone app or Android app for drivers and warehouse operations, and see how simple complex logistics can be! 

Easy-to-use barcode scanning from your phone

You can start using CartonCloud’s barcode scan through the mobile app immediately. Simply connect a Bluetooth barcode scanner, or use the CartonCloud mobile app on a mobile computer and start scanning.

Using barcode scanning across workflows provides enhanced visibility and tracking for inventory locations and movement, enables you to check and confirm the stock selection or locations for putaway, and gives increased accuracy at every step. 

While scanning barcodes at each step may add on some time in the workflow, it will save time overall by removing manual data entry, reducing mistakes, simplifying location identification, and enabling real-time data updates within your system as stock is accepted, moved, picked, dispatched and delivered. 

Save time and increase accuracy with CartonCloud’s barcode scanner for iPhone and Android on our driver and warehouse mobile apps. 

Simplify workflows and boost accuracy for your team, and provide greater reporting transparency for your customers, with CartonCloudmobile barcode scanning. Want to know more about setting up warehouse barcodes? Check out this helpful article for everything you need to know about warehouse barcode labels

Barcode scanner on iPhone and Android to move and reallocate stock  

With CartonCloud, you can use mobile barcode scanning to easily maintain accuracy and keep records up to date in real-time while moving stock from one location to another, including allocating inventory to staging for cross-docking.

Here's how mobile barcode scanning works to match physical stock movement with updated WMS records instantly! 

In order to move multiple items at once, you can use the move cart feature in Scan Move 2.0 — which is also great for allocating inventory to a staging location for cross-docking. 

WMS Barcode scanner on iPhone and Android for inventory picking

In CartonCloud, we’ve made it easier to ensure accurate picking every time, with barcode scanning through the mobile app for pickers, using batch number, POP label and warehouse location barcodes. 

The picker can pair the CartonCloud mobile app’s barcode scanner for iPhone or Android with a Bluetooth scanner and start picking. In this quick tutorial, Vincent walks through the mobile view when using barcode scanning for batch number picking. 

TMS Barcode scanner on iPhone and Android for delivery allocation and ePODs

To optimize your shipment and deliveries, CartonCloud can automatically allocate your delivery consignments to your drivers by simply scanning the printed labels on boxes with our driver app.

Then at the other end of the route, drivers can use the CartonCloud mobile app to scan the barcode and collect electronic proof of delivery (ePODs), capturing the delivery confirmation for greater transparency and tracking. 

Barcode scanner on iPhone and Android for Custom labels

For cold storage and freight operations needing something a bit more rugged, you can use the CartonCloud mobile app for Android on rugged mobile computers to operate in cold storage settings and freezer room conditions of greater than -20C.

Check out this helpful video to show how simple mobile barcode scanning for batch numbers is with CartonCloud. 

Mobile Barcobde scanning for custom labels, SSCC and GS-1 labels

Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) labels are labels positioned on the outside of a pallet or container which provide all the information in one label to provide freight visibility throughout the supply chain. 

They are used as a globally accepted barcode, symbolizing adherence to the GS1 standards — making them extremely useful and very important to easily read and scan into your system. Through CartonCLoud’s barcode scanning on iPhone and Android devices, you can easily scan SSCC labels to enter into your system. (You can also generate and print your own SSCC labels through CartonCloud.)

Want to know more? 

Using the barcode scanner on the mobile app can simplify workflows and increase accuracy. To get the best iPhone scanner app results, see this guide on how to connect a Bluetooth barcode scanner

We’d love to help you get started with a robust and reliable solution that can be run directly from your own smartphone. Get more from the resources you have on hand, and boost efficiency with ease! 

Get in touch with us here at CartonCloud today, as with thousands of users, we’re leading the way with both our warehousing and transport solutions.

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Mar 2, 2023
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today