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Level up your warehouse and transport operations with our cloud-based 3PL logistics software, top-rated for user experience, customer support, and features by our users. See why hundreds of 3PLs recommend CartonCloud WMS and TMS. 

We built CartonCloud for logistics people, with your daily functions, needs, and frustrations in mind — which makes our feature-rich software feel so intuitive to use. 

An integrated WMS and TMS goes beyond basic inventory management and route optimization. It creates a unified platform that streamlines every step of your fulfillment process — and provides a backbone for all your operations, charges, and services. 

Integrated 3PL logistics software on one platform 

Access greater visibility for you, your team, and your customers — with one, easy-to-use platform. CartonCloud includes a web application and mobile app (for warehouse and drivers), offering integrated Warehouse and Transport management via one platform, — or the ability to use the Warehouse Management System (WMS) or Transport Management System (TMS) as stand-alone logistics software.

Simply download the app or log in online with your desktop and smartphone to get started! 

💻 Within the web app (accessible by desktop or tablet), you can manage all administrative tasks within your warehouse and transport operation, from setting up customers, products, and locations, to order management (including integrations for automated data entry), rates, and invoicing, plus much more.

📱 The CartonCloud WMS and TMS mobile application offers a range of modes to facilitate workflows on the warehouse floor and for drivers completing deliveries. Warehouse staff can pick orders, use barcode scanning directly from their smartphone device, receive incoming stock, assign to warehouse locations, pick and pack with accuracy and speed—and also facilitate cross-docking, conduct quality assurance testing, enter stock status, and much more. 

📱 Using the driver mobile TMS application, drivers can view assigned consignments/ deliveries, review and confirm consignment details, optimize their delivery route, add fuel levy and ad hoc charges, send driver ETA text messages for deliveries, capture sign-on-glass for electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), and much more. 

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Connecting Your 3PL with Seamless Integrations 

Gone are the days of managing data across multiple disconnected systems. Our cloud-based integrated WMS and TMS offers a range of integrations that connect your warehouse operations with your existing business ecosystem.  

This includes online ordering platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, streamlining the flow of e-commerce orders into your warehouse; seamless connection with your accounting software for automated invoicing; connecting your warehouse to shipping partners for easy-to-print shipping labels; or much more.  

Having secure and seamless 3PL integrations ensure your data stays up to date and accurate, at every step, with maximum visibility.  

Accurate Multi-SKU Management: From Upload to Pallets

Managing a vast array of products (SKUs) can be complex, but CartonCloud’s powerful WMS simplifies the process. Easily upload your product list with a few clicks using a convenient Excel template, directly into your WMS, and use barcode scanning to enter incoming stock, track stock movement, and validate order picks. 

These features empower you to maintain accurate inventory levels and ensure the quality of your products throughout the fulfillment process. You can use CartonCloud to scan in existing pallet labels on incoming stock, or to create and assign new pallet barcode labels. This way you can not only generate unique IDs for tracking inventory within the warehouse, but also allow for scan-and-validate checks for damage or quality control workflows. 

Optimizing warehouse Location Management 

Using warehouse locations, you can digitally and physically assign and track stock storage and movement, including rate calculations and intuitive stock selection features fro easy inventory management — and setting up your 3PL warehouse locations in your WMS has never been easier.

Within the warehouse, you can set up various locations baked on your warehouse fulfilment workflows and needs. You might want to set up bulk locations (these which might be flooring locations for large, heavy or in/out pallets, etc), as well as single port locations which could be racking shelving assigned by pallet, carton or pick bucket.

These can all be imported into CartonCloud as digital warehouse locations, and CartonCloud can create and print labels for each, allowing your team to scan verify or scan allocate stock to a warehouse location, for greater accuracy. 

Warehouse Location Naming Hack

Assign letters to each aisle and numbers to each bay & rack level
Eg: A-12-05 location is in ailse A, bay 12, on level 5.    
Tip: When positioning warehouse label barcodes, position them in ascending order at shoulder height for ease of access. You can also use color stickers on each level and beside each barcode, for easier identification.

Stock Serial Verification and Reallocation 

One thing that consistently sets CartonCloud apart, is our logistics experience, and our close relationship with our customers. This gives us an insider edge, ensuring our features and workflows are designed down to the details — to simplify your workflows nad operations. 

With our serial tracking and reallocation, you can ensure accurate serial and other impartnt stock details are captured and assigned to stock records in the system to ensure accuracy and traceability — while also having the flexibility to use reallocation for stock substitution where needed. 

This might be for white goods or machinery parts selection where the allocated serial number is located behind other stock — to allow pickers to take the easiest to access stock first, for faster ans smoother order fulfilmment, and to control how this feature is used, giving you the ability to fulfil different workflows and requirements for different customers from the one platform. 

It’s that easy to achieve accurate, intuitive, and efficient warehouse management. 🤗

Upskill your entire team, and your customers 

CartonCloud’s online academy provides easy-to-follow video tutorials and courses, to master your warehouse and transport management, and get the most from your system.

The academy is especially useful in training new staff members, upskilling team members and management on new features or new workflows, learning new ways to enhance the optimization of processes, or even upskilling your customers on how to use your software from their own log-in, to manage orders. 

Using Automation for Accuracy

Manual processes can introduce errors at any stage in your workflow, from data entry mistakes to picking and packing inaccuracies. An integrated WMS and TMS can significantly reduce these errors by automating many of these tasks.  For example, automatic order picking reduces the risk of picking the wrong item or quantity.  

Real-time inventory updates eliminate discrepancies between your actual stock levels and what's reflected in the system.  Automated reporting ensures your data is always accurate and up-to-date, allowing you to make informed decisions based on reliable information.

What to expect in a CartonCloud demo call

Our team of industry experts provide a guided software tour tailored to your business needs and workflows, demonstrating CartonCloud’s powerful workflows and features — to show you how we can help you grow your business. 

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Mar 21, 2024
Mar 25, 2024
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today