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Now more than ever, flexibility is a superpower for smaller warehouse and freight operators. The ability use data for decision-making, scale up operations as needed, and adapt workflows and services to the needs of new customers is essential for any growing 3PL. 

Late last year saw warehouse vacancies drop and prices soar — however this quarter leasing vacancies are on the rise amidst recent reports of retailers pulling back from inventory stockpiling

“What we are seeing in the industry right now is a state of flux as the market responds to wider challenges,” said CartonCloud COO/ Head of North America Shaun Hagen.

This means having the ability to make smart, data-led decisions, and to be flexible in terms of bringing on new customers or scaling up workflows is key for smaller-scale logistics providers. 

For small and medium-sized freight companies, this lies in the adoption of mission-critical warehouse and transport management system software, to automate and streamline business processes from end to end.

Keeping up with the ever-changing world of logistics 

“It’s important to remember right now, as things continue to shift and evolve — that logistics is a unique industry,” Hagen said. 

“We’ve seen this first-hand over the past few years, with the impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns, where our industry rose to face many challenges, and continued to grow and evolve throughout a number of hurdles and challenges. 

“It’s also shown us the importance of having scalable systems and a WMS that can grow with you and let you bring on new customers.”

WMS software for growing 3PLs

CartonCloud’s intuitive integrated WMS/TMS software provides seamless data flow between your warehouse and transport systems, as well as customer online storefronts, shipping partners, accounting software and more. 

Our unique user-first design was created specifically with small and medium-sized operators in mind, to support logistics companies to digitize their operations without the hassle or expenses usually associated with implementing new software. 

CartonCloud is built by logistics people, directly for the logistics industry. 

“We’ve removed hurdles that prevent smaller players from accessing and implementing new technology,” Mr Hagen said. 

“We’ve poured extensive time and resources into ensuring our onboarding process is simplified and efficient, to get new customers set up and benefiting from the system as soon as possible. Even down to our pricing model, which is subscription-based, meaning our customers can grow with us, in a way that is sustainable for them.”

Work smarter, not harder

The phrase “there’s an app for that” has never been more true, though not all logistics software is created equally. CartonCloud’s powerful desktop and mobile apps allow you to simplify workflows, automate data entry, and grow your business from the palm of your hand. 

  • With automated rate card calculations and invoicing, CartonCloud can save you hours of admin time, while boosting accuracy. 
  • Using barcode scanning for locations and inventory provides immediate confirmation during order picking and inventory put away, for greater accuracy at every point. 
  • Make accessing high-volume goods for orders easier with the replenishment workflow, by moving high-volume goods to stock in a pick bin closer to the packing station — or use wave pick to pick multiple orders at once. 
  • Simplify Return to Sender with easy barcode scanning and ensure your stock is re-entered received into your system faster.  
  • Accept and manage customers with high-volume SKUs with ease and accuracy to accommodate for e-commerce clients
  • Integrate warehouse and transport operations for greater accuracy, transparency and simplified invoicing. 
  • Keep your customers happy and informed with automated customer reporting available 24/7 from their own customer portal log-in. 

Get the right team for the job

At CartonCloud, the success of our customers is paramount — which is why we work cloely with new customers to identify the areas CartonCloud can support their business, and provide local onboarding and customer support.

“Right now, with so many changes impacting the logistics industry, business owners and operators want to know they can speak to a real person, with industry experience, who can provide advice and support to help them get the best solution for their business,” Mr Hagen said. 

“We have a team of experts based locally in Canada who are there to work with each business we speak to, to help them evaluate what they need from a solution, to vet if we are indeed the right fit for them, and then to support them through onboarding and set up.

“It makes a massive difference to our customers, to know that the people behind their software have actual industry experience and expertise and that they are there to support them throughout their growth.” 

Hear what else our customers are saying here. 

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Jan 26, 2023
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today