Warehouse inventory software: 6 realistic advantages with fast ROI

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For small and medium-sized logistics businesses, choosing the right warehouse management system (WMS) software can be the most significant decision of their business. It is the foundation for every operation and workflow, captures billable rates and charges, automates invoicing, enables online ordering and data tracking, and houses all of their customer and business data. It's the central hive of the business, and provides mission-critical functionality. 

There are many ways to reap the benefits of your warehouse management system (WMS); from managing your inventory storage and movements to calculating rates, tracking data, and automating reporting, allowing online ordering, and more. 

For small-medium sized logistics companies, the ability to access the technology they need at an affordable price, with fast onboarding for after ROI, and an intuitive interface to make training their team simple can make all the difference between successfully transitioning to a new system, or stalling for long periods of time. We talk about the importance of your software system simplifying your operations, and share some insights from our customers on the New Warehouse Project Episode with CartonCloud COO and Head of North America Shaun Hagen. 

In the article below, we look at 6 ways that everyday warehouse and dispatch operations can benefit from moving into the digital age.

Advantages of warehouse management software

1. No more ringing phones

Imagine for a moment that your volume of inbound calls is reduced 80 to 90%, leaving your office team to get on with their other tasks. Your own customers can now place orders online, view stock levels and even get order notifications. That equals a much quieter phone line and office environment for both parties.

2. Invoices that send themselves

Imagine that once your staff complete jobs, invoices can be automatically calculated and sent via email based on your set rates. No more awkward discussions in the office about rate calculation where customers are overcharged or undercharged. You can input rates for pallet or carton storage, picking and packing, plus discount rates for your premium clients who move high volumes.

3. Affordable and accurate picking

You can greatly reduce pick errors but also maximize your picking speed through a cloud-based warehouse management software. But how so? Using an everyday iOS or Android smartphone paired with a barcode laser scanner in the field. Gone are the days of expensive PDA devices with complicated buttons and jargon that required a university graduate to figure out.

4. Semaless software integrations 

Software integrations provide you with the ability to tailor your services to your client needs, and get the most from available tools, without needing to switch between programs, systems or devices. Our industry supply chain relies on the secure and accurate flow of data between many moving parts.

Having the ability to integrate with existing or partner software, directly into your WMS or TMS is a game changer for SME’s, especially for 3PL providers who rely on industry partnerships, those using specific accounting or staff timesheet programs, and WMS integrations for e-commerce fulfillment.

5. Multi-warehouse capabilities

Some of the best warehousing systems can handle operators who have bases across multiple warehouses. Whether across the state, across the country or even across the world. Users such as your own staff or clients can have visibility and control across multiple depots, with varying degrees of user permissions. 

6. Business owners who can sleep at night

CartonCloud's capability to automate workflows and data to save you time is one of the biggest benefit to our customers. Before CartonCloud, many of our customers were staying up late at night processing invoices and paper POD forms, only to come back in the next day and do it all again. 

With automated data entry, streamlined workflows, greater accuracy, online integrations and automated invoicing — you can do away with manual data entry and be confident in your system's accuracy — literally saving you days of admin work each week. 


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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
Oct 23, 2023
Jun 20, 2023
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today