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Navigating the complexities of logistics can be a nightmare at times — from managing global and local supply chains, delivery delays, inventory storage and management, right through to order picking, packing and dispatch — it's no wonder so many customers look to outsource logistics all together, by engaging a Third-party logistics provider (3PL). 

However, 3PLs also have their fair share of pain points to overcome, in order to streamline logistics workflows. That's where the power of a cloud-based logistics management system comes in. 

Our integrated WMS/TMS system is designed specifically to support 3PL and logistics operators to overcome daily pain points, and streamline their workflows.

Streamlining order fulfillment is a crucial element of any 3PL company and can determine whether an operation is able to grow, or is held back. With simplified data input and confirmation, optimized workflows, and time-saving features, you can set your 3PL fulfillment up for growth. We take a look at four common fulfillment pain points, and how the right features can help overcome them.

‍Pain Point #1: Manual Data Entry

Problem: Manual data entry is time-consuming and painstaking, and often delivers sub-par results. In both logistics and warehousing environments, manual data entry can create significant issues. Poor accuracy and lost paperwork can cause errors in fulfillment, from incorrect item selection to the wrong delivery destination. 

Solution: Automate data entry with a cloud-based warehouse management system or transport management system. Data automation saves you time and money, increases accuracy, and improves your customer’s experience, and with the right system, you can automate data capture across the entirety of your operation, and simplify data sharing with partners and customers. 

 *See our recent blog article on simplifying data capture for SMB logistics companies


Pain Point #2: Supply Chain Visibility 

Problem: As our industry becomes ever-more online and automated, the pressure to provide up to date data, and have effective data flow between systems is building for smaller providers. Downstream businesses, partnering providers and end customers rely on this data to make rapid decisions, plan ahead, manage stock, and report to their own customers. For smaller businesses running on paper-based processes, the demand for up to date data can seem like a mammoth task. 

Solution: Our logistics software provides customers with visibility on stock availability, order statuses, and deliveries, achieving a completely online and transparent end-to-end process. This means they can make operational decisions in real-time based on data,  effectively increase or decrease the flow of stock, check stock 24/7 and react operationally to the changes occurring in demand. The best part? With a cloud-based system like CartonCloud, this data reporting is automated, using features like barcode scanning, mobile app for order fulfilment and stock movement, and capturing driver delivery ePODs. Data Capture is seamlessly woven into each step, ensuring your data is up to date, with each action. 

‍‍Pain Point #3: Accurate Inventory location

Problem: Struggling to understand where your stock is can be common for SME’s in the warehouse and transport industry. Without warehouse locations set up for inventory identification, warehouse pickers could be relying on memory, or guessing in order to pick for orders. Of course, the flow-on effects can mean frustrated staff, slow order fulfillment, and incorrect picks requiring returns, just to name a few. 

Solution: Automated software updates to maintain real-time inventory data. With an integrated WMS system like CartonCloud, you can record and track inventory from incoming freight to put away location (or cross-docking), when inventory is picked for orders, and dispatched — all in real-time. With seamless integrations to your partner and customer software, data can flow easily between the platforms, ensuring the most up-to-date records are captured. 


Paint Point #4: Scalable Systems

Problem: It's ok to wing it at the start. You might have workarounds, varied processes between staff members, or time-consuming double checks for paper-based processes — but these will only work for so long, before you can no longer scale up operations. To grow into multi-site and nationwide operations requires connectivity across the systems and sites, and uniformity across procedures.

 Solution: Our cloud-based warehouse management systems provides optimized workflows, with confirmation features and automated data entry — to ensure accuracy, and simplify tasks across operations. This empowers businesses to duplicate or mirror the same processes and systems across multiple sites very easily. The software can also integrate with transport management systems and can plug into other programs like Quickbooks, Xero and thousands of others through our open Zapier


Overcome your fulfillment paint points, with CartonCloud 

Doing everything manually is a tough ask. And if you want your business to grow, it’s almost impossible to reach that next level without a streamlined WMS system. 

At CartonCloud, we pride ourselves on providing the most easy-to-use warehouse and transport management systems, at an affordable price, to empower small to medium-sized businesses to simplify operations, boost their order fulfillment, and scale up. 


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