2023 Wrapped — CartonCloud Year in Review

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That's a wrap! As 2023 draws to a close, we look back on some of the incredible times and achievements of the year— from our favorite new CartonCloud features to industry ups and downs, customer stories, our growing team, and a whole lot more!

Join us for a year in review, as we remember some of the top moments of 2023. This year has brought its share of highs and lows for the logistics industry, once again showing the resilience and adaptability of logistics operators to take on new challenges with flexibility, innovation, and determination.

Over the past year, our industry has moved from fast-paced, post-pandemic adaptation, into a demand drop and supply chain reshuffle. We've seen the prioritization of near-shoring, and data-fuelled approaches to demand planning, as communities seek supply chain and last-mile stability.

This year, we have had 8.27m warehouse and transport orders created in CartonCloud. ⚡

November 2023 was our busiest month on record, with;

  • 🚚 Over 4.6 million deliveries, by 4 thousand drivers using CartonCloud TMS, to get their freight delivered on-time.
  • 📦 Through our WMS, we had an incredible 3.6 million warehouse orders picked, packed, and dispatched.

It’s been another massive year of growth for us and our customers, and we can't wait to see what 2024 will bring!

🙂 Putting our customers first

Our customer success is what drives us, and clearly our powerful WMS and TMS software is what drives you to succeed! Once again this year, our customers grew their businesses with CartonCloud to achieve some incredible milestones!

Our customers used CartonCloud to optimize their operations and save time, with over 1,700 integration requests processed throughout the year to ensure our customers remained connected, with seamless and secure data sharing. In 2023, our customers used online ordering integrations to automate over 6.29 million orders, saving them over 35 years in combined admin time, this year!

In 2023, we saved our customers a combined 35 years of admin hours, with online order integrations.

🚀 New features, new releases!

This year, we released more than 47 new features and software enhancements, including;

  • Including Pallet Barcodes retained in Single Pallet Location
  • and Bulk Print Pallet Labels

You may have noticed a change in the way we now share our new software releases as well! We've added some video recaps to our monthly New Release RoundUp to help demonstrate how to find and access each update and new feature.

🎬 You can check out each of the video recaps here, on our CartonCloud New Release playlist!

CartonCloud 3PL visit 2023
CartonCloud 5 star review00001

🎓 Launching the CartonCloud Academy!

This year, we also launched our CartonCloud Academy, a personalized online learning service for CartonCloud customers! The Academy complements our online knowledge base at CartonCloud Help, with personalised learning 'trails' covering various workflows and training courses across our Warehouse Management System and Transport Management System.

As you master new areas of the software, you can earn badges and knowledge trails — to become a CartonCloud expert! If you'd like to start training through the CartonCloud Academy, you can request an account through CartonCloud Help!  

Step by Step guide for the CartonCloud Academy

🏆 Another year of industry data

This year, we delivered two industry reports with actionable insights and data for businesses to use in planning for the future. The CartonCloud Logistics Index now celebrates over 2 years of data, tracking industry sentiment changes over time, and investigating trends, barriers, and opportunities impacting logistics businesses.

In our Q3 2023 CCLI report, the top technology features used in overcoming fluctuating economic conditions were to automate orders, rates, and invoicing— removing manual tasks for greater ROI. Companies are looking to optimize and streamline their internal processes, trimming the fat where possible and ensuring each dollar is counted, with automation.

👉Download your copy of the report for free today!

CartonCloud logistics index q3 2023 report

🙌 Expanding the CartonCloud team

Behind every great system is a team of dedicated people, working tirelessly to deliver the best for their customers!  You may have met them on calls, in person, or online — or maybe you've just seen their commitment and dedication to customer success through our software and resources.

This year, we welcomed 15 amazing new team members to our 65-strong team, and brought our company together for an in-person week held on the Gold Coast, Australia for our Back to Base event! Check out what our team had to say about it here. 😀

📣 Making headlines

In 2023, CartonCloud made headlines 73 times across global logistics news, averaging over 1 new headline a week! Our team of logistics experts has been hard at work sharing insights, tips, and strategies across Podcasts, Press Articles, Videos, interviews, and much more, to ensure our customers and their industry partners can grow and excel.

We're not the only ones who made headlines in 2023!

Our customer stories hit global audiences, sharing their experiences in building and growing their businesses with technology, and much more. Take a look at how Sendable 3PL showed the world how you can change someone's life with your supply chain.

Looking to 2024

Well, it's been a huge year for us and our customers, and we have even more big plans for the new year! From exciting new product releases coming soon, to more growth, development — and of course, more success for our customers!

CartonCloud 5 star review00002

From the team at CartonCloud, thank you for another wonderful year. Happy holidays, and we look forward to more growth and excitement in 2024! 🚀

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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today
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Streamline your logistics operations today

Streamline your logistics operations today